Allow you to update your own website



Making a simple change to your site can be frustrating if you don’t have access or you don’t know how to change the site.

If you don’t have access to your site or you don’t know how to make changes then keeping your site up-to-date can be frustrating and time consuming.

Take the power back into your hands without needing to learn any code by installing a web editor or content management system on your site.

Add Simple CMS to your site so you can make changes anywhere, anytime with an internet connection

We’ll add Simple CMS code to your site so that you can access it from our online editor using your browser. This allows you to edit, add or delete text and images on existing pages and see the results immediately. You don’t need to touch the code and if you stuff up, the editor allows you to revert to a previous version.

Simple CMS really is simple to use – if you can use Word, then you can use Simple CMS. We also have manuals and video tutorials to help you out.

Convert your site over to a content management system for greater control

Big Medium is a flexible, easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for editing and developing websites directly from your browser. We install the software on your server and customise it for you – you don’t need to touch a thing.

Big Medium allows you to edit, add or delete text and images on existing pages, as well as add new pages and sections to your site. You can also add document or image galleries, links and embed video content.

Big Medium may be powerful, but it’s an easy system to learn and use. We also give you great support with manuals and video tutorials.

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IMPORTANT! What we need to start work...

To install Simple CMS we need access to your web hosting to download and modify the files.

To install Big Medium on your hosting we will need access to your web hosting account. If you want to use our hosted service instead we only need your web files (which we can take straight from the site if you don’t have access).