About us

As web designers we come across a lot of website owners who are frustrated with their websites. Common complaints include: not being able to update the site themselves, not knowing how to update the site, not knowing how well their site is performing, poor navigation, and not having the time to work on their site.

We set up Website Fixers to help website owners take control of their websites and get them working for them.

Website Fixers is a service offered by Sauced Out, a boutique web design firm based in Dural, in the Hills District of Sydney. We are not restricted by geography though and have worked with clients in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Canberra and Western Australia.

About Sauced Out

Basically Sauced Out was started because we were sick of the confusion that surrounds getting your business online. Between arranging domain names and hosting, to SEO, HTML and FTP it's no wonder that the average business owner is confused.

To make matters worse the world of web design is full of technobabble, unclear pricing, unreliable communication and unrealistic timeframes.

So we are on a mission to change all of this by demystifying the whole process and making life easier for business owners.  How do we do that? We have clear processes from the very start of the project. We are upfront with our information, pricing, timelines, requirements from you and the project inclusions. You won't be surprised by the bill or the finished product - they'll both be exactly what you expected!

And one more thing, we don't stop answering your calls once your site is up. In an ideal world everyone would have their own in-house web designer to keep their website fresh, current and easily found by your clients. Unfornately that's not always possible or cost-effective but that's why Sauced Out is here - to be your own private web designer!

You can find out more about Sauced Out on our main website.