Find out who is looking at your website


If you don't know how many people are visiting your site, how they get there or what they do once they arrive, then you don't know how well your site is performing.

By adding Google Analytics to your site you can get a better idea of visits to your site.

Here are just some of the things Google Analytics tracks for you:

  • the number of visitors you have each day and how long they stay at your site
  • the geographic locations of your visitors, down to the city
  • how your visitors found you – did they type in your web address, come to your site from a referral or a link someone emailed to them, or did they find you through a search engine like Google?
  • when people usually come to your site, including the hour and the day of the week

Add Google Analytics to your site

We can set you up with a Google Analytics account and arrange regular reports to be emailed to you so that you can decide how to adjust your strategy in light of the kinds and sources of traffic using your site. We can also analyse your reports and advise on strategies to help increase your traffic and conversion rates.

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